Created in 1997, eFoxley began simply as a way to share photographs and Christmas Updates with family and friends near (but mostly) far.

Under the domain of Earthlink.net/~foxley (dead link), eFoxley - the site - was created in the fall of 2001. Through a few failed hard-drives and rebuilt computers, I have built and rebuilt the site about 5 different times. This latest incarnation seems to have stuck.

Site evolution from about 2007 has been focussed on Archival Functionality. I have learned over the years through my own experience and with watching the evolution of technology that ROM is overated, and the focus for me is web-based applications/storage - ie, "Cloud" computing, Hosted Applications. PHP. I am currently ensuring that the site is hosted in separate locations to ensure the integrity of data. And this effort has extended to my archiving of family photographs.

In 2006, I began the arduous task of scanning the many volumes of photo albums in our possession. My hope is to have all photographs posted so as to eliminate the fragility of only having them in a closet and on a remote server - like how I converted our entire CD collection to MP3 a few years back. My Ultimate Goal is to create a site that serves as a database for everything by completely eliminating all local files (files on my computers), to a portal that hosts pictures, music, video, documents, etc on the web. To acheive said goal, I am constantly searching for more efficient ways to store said data, transmit, and protect.

The next phase for the site is a focus on PHP Programming and other scripting to nail down security functionality. At this point in time, everything is pretty open; however, as I build the site the concern of privacy is one that I am focussed on with password protection, etcetera.

Over the years, much knowledge has been gleaned from this endeavor. I have reached out to friends/family to assist in their own domains, and at times probably a little prematurely. Most of these contacts would tell you that I wasn’t ready to jump into this world, or theirs, at the time I did. I would agree. My early ventures into said world was simply a result of my vision and desire to build my knowledge – which was at the expense of their image. A mistake, but one that certainly made me focus more on my technical skills. The Human Brain is programmed to learn by making mistakes, so I've learned. My experiences started by trying to help my brother and his company get live, then an old political polling partner, and most recently my own stock trading website – The Analytical Contrarian.

I am proficient in most Adobe Suite applications and multiple hosted applications - such as Wordpress and Gallery. I have a mid-level understanding of HTML, JAVA, SQM, and PHP programming, as well. I am always experimenting with pluggins, developing technologies, and software. Most of my knowledge was self-aquired, apart from a few semesters at a local college to learn the basics. Yes, I’m busy with a real job and a family, but my hobby is this.

I was an Apple guy for many years ... and finally grew up in the early 2000s when I began taking appart, rebuilding, and building computers. Such disected architecture/hardware endeavors naturally translated to software - where I began to truly appreciate there was much more to computers and technology than Apple's "walled garden" had been showing me.

As I have shared with others, my ultimate goal is to create an archive for my family of photographs, video, thoughts, experiences, tips, recipes, and interests. Beyond the label of vanity, I honestly believe that this site is the modern day equivalent of writing a book to share with family and friends. Not interested? Move on. The freedom and beauty of the internet are values I appreciate and want to take advantage of for those who are interested.

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updated 11.20.11


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