Merry Christmas | 2016
Aat "The Crypt" in DC, Spring Break

Here we are - 2016 heading into '17. It was a pretty good year for the Foxleys ... nothing too huge to report overall - which is always good, right? Last year, heading into New Years, Dave commited to 'taking more pictures'. He did ... he just forgot the 'post them' part. A lot of work to do on the site - seems never enough time. Oh well.

This year's Christmas Card was a face-swap that kind of freaked some people out. As you know, every year we go with a theme relative to current events. Seems the whole Trump thing was just too easy and frankly, the 2016 election was just ugly overall. SO ... we avoided that whole thing on our cards this year.


Flew to DC for Spring Break this year (pics here). Timing was pretty great, as the cherry blossoms were out along the tide pool. We saw practically everything. A lot of walking - Dad tried to pass the time on the way by counting the hipsters (highest count in an hour was 23, by the way). Kids didn't necessarily appreciate that. Gavin was intrigued by the "homeless bucket drummers", as he called them. On many street corners, less fortunates were drumming on buckets for money - Gavin couldn't stop watching and pointing them out. In retrospect, that sounds really snotty. Sorry.

Anyway - Got the kids to try calamari. Saw the sites, then we flew back home. Overall, it was a great trip - none of us had ever been and Mom and Dad had promissed the kids for some time that we'd go. Not sure where we will go on our next Spring Break - we're working that out now.

Not a lot of snow this year, but it did in January - so there's that, which was nice. Dad still wants to get Gavin out on a board ... maybe this year? We'll see.

Kids doing well in school - nothing major to report. Typical gloating on honor role, etc. Whatever.

In the summer, we drove to Houston area (used to be just Houston we would visit, in the past - but now everyone is in different places in the area) to see family and friends. Below, you will see our stops 'along the way'. Was pretty much 'drive all day, see family/friends at night', get up and do it again. I'm not too sure we will be doing a drive like that again as it's pretty tough when everyone is so spread out. We'll see. Anyway, it was great seeing everyone - but really felt like we needed a vacation upon returning from vacation.

We saw Grandpa Fox and Stacey in Georgetown TX (just north of Austin). We then drove to Pearland TX to see Uncle Peter, Aunt Kristen, and Reagan. The we headed north to see Dave's friend, Troy - and family. Then ... onward to Lake Conroe where we were able to stay a couple of days at Dave's Sister's place by the lake.

Stacey, Gavin, Grandpa Fox, Elyce at their place just north of Austin.Tina, Dave, Kristen, Peter, Gavin, Elyce, Reagan at the Foxleys' in Pearland, TX.

At Suzanne and Kenny's in Lake Conroe TX.

In August, we went camping with the fam up in Pecos (just north of Santa Fe) for Gavin's birthday. Dave went ahead of everyone else to reserve the spots and setup camp. He insisted on taking Lucy, our black lab. Bad Idea. You see, Lucy is not real fond of other dogs - she is very protective of Tina.

She was fine for the day, but when everyone started arriving in the evening ... well, she bit another dog that was walking by our site with its owner.. So Dave took her back home that night, then put her up in a pet camp and returned back to Pecos. We fished and celebrated Gavin's 10th birthday that night.

Dave left DG after 10 years in December - joined a new company. Much less travel, completely different culture - happy. Won't get into too many specifics here, but will just say an exciting adventure in progress. Really Happy and Excited - so are the kids.

Otherwise, pretty typical year. Once a year, Dave does this - updates the site. Maybe this year would be a good time to polish up the skills? We'll see.

Anyway - have a great2017 everyone!